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Lunchtime is an important part of the XIC school day, when we come together to eat and chat, reinforcing the sense of community that makes the school such a happy place. 


At BOKA we provide our Secondary School community, staff and pupils, with a revolutionary provision of food and snacks in a comfortable and welcoming dining area. 



Meghan Partridge, a brilliant chef who has worked locally in La Esquina, La Trattoria and the Irish Bar, is the chef and head of Boka, providing the best food.



The menus that are prepared are designed to be delicious and nutritious. We only use good quality ingredients and where possible, put the emphasis on fresh produce. We also understand the importance of dietary/allergy requirements and we will do our best to create a menu that best suits your child's needs.


We are conscious of our environment and have steered clear of plastic. All the food will be served on plates or in environmentally friendly packaging. 



As well as keeping them fuelled for their busy day, it is intended that the children will enjoy the whole experience of eating at BOKA. We have worked with an interior designer to create a comfortable, inviting and inspiring space. 



We would like to make this as simple as possible and provide you with more options to make payment easier and to offer parents a little more control over what is being spent in BOKA.

Payments may be made by transfer, or card (please contact to obtain the form). 

Students opting for the Annual/Payment:
Parents can purchase a Food Pass for Full Year (171 days) 1155€
Or they can purchase the Food Pass monthly at the following rates:

September (17 days) 119€
October (17 days) 119€
November (18 days) 126€
December (13 days) 91€
January (17 days) 119€
February (15 days) 105€
March (23 days) 161€
April (12 days) 84€
May (20 days) 140€
June (19 days) 133€

Students opting for the monthly/annual payment will be entitled to a snack at break time and a meal of their choice at lunch time with a bottle of water, juice, or a can of Aquarius. For example, at break time this would be to choose from, a croissant, doughnut, bacon and cheese muffins, etc. AND at lunch time to choose from one of the daily hot meals e.g., Spaghetti bolognese, Chicken with vegetables, chilli con carne, chicken korma, chicken and avocado salad, toastee, sausage rolls, homemade pizza etc.

Tickets to be used to buy food in BOKA may be purchased in the School Office and BOKA, anytime! These are in books containing up to 40€ of tickets.

Students will also be able to purchase food and snacks with euros.

If students have any allergies, they should contact Meghan at, where she would be delighted to provide a menu plan to suit their dietary requirements.

Happy eating!

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